mercredi 25 février 2009

What the son told his dad ...

(A son who is about to die, said this to his father)
I am sorry to say this but I have to.

Don't wait to be rich,
To tell me how you love me;
Don't wait till i am old as you,
To start living as you want;
Never think that you will be free one day,
To show me what you know.

You will never have enough time
To do what you plan for tomorrow.
Plan but act evry time you can
And remember that you always have time
To be who you want to be...

I am diying today,
But life goes on,
Tomorrow will be another day.
But you may not become somebody new;
You "may not" because you can choose to.

I love you Daddy...

vendredi 6 février 2009

Silently gone

Just imagine,

Seeing for the last time,
A friend, your world
Things and people you are used to.

All the time
Spent at one place,
All the faces
You have seen so many times

All you do is to shake your head*,
Or maybe have a smile,
Or sweep the tears in your eyes.

If it's your first time to leave somebody,
You will probably cry;

You are leaving once more some friends,
I guess you'll be sad;

And for those who left so many people,
You just don't know what to feel.

But in every case
Just like the last breath
you are silently gone ...
And life goes on ...

* Indian cool way of shaking their head.